Grant Opportunities for Organizations that Provide Music Education to Underserved Children

The Tedrock Fund holds an annual open enrollment period to submit grant applications that will support non-profit organizations providing music education for children in Massachusetts. Tedrock prioritizes organizations that wholly or substantially subsidize the fees for their students. In addition, the Fund is limited to organizations that serve economically disadvantaged communities or populations of students with learning disabilities or special needs.

The Tedrock Fund’s first grant awardee is the ZUMIX in East Boston, whom the Fund considers a case study of success. ZUMIX provides musical instrument education and vocational training in music production to Boston inner city neighborhood children. From the Zumix webpage:

“Like a lot of good ideas, ZUMIX started in someone’s living room.  Co-Founders Bob Grove and current Executive Director Madeleine Steczynski founded ZUMIX in 1991 as a response to Boston’s worst wave of youth violence.  ZUMIX began as a summer songwriting program with 24 youth, $200, and the simple idea that giving youth something to be passionate about could transform lives and elevate communities.  

Our programming quickly expanded.  In 1993 we created a free outdoor Summer Concert Series in order to serve the broader community.  Today, our year-round events are organized to provide East Boston residents with access to top-quality arts and cultural events.  

Today ZUMIX serves over 500 youth per year through after-school and summer programming and 500 through in-school partnerships.  Over 10,000 additional adults, children, and families attend our community events and festivals.”

If your organization provides similar services, please follow our blog for upcoming notifications on the open grant enrollment periods. We look forward to supporting your organization’s goals to provide high quality music education to underserved children.