Tedrock Fund for Children’s
Music Education

The Tedrock Fund is a Massachusetts state registered public charity committed to the support of music education for underserved children in Massachusetts. Over the past decade, we’ve seen funding for music education in public school systems cut dramatically. Today, some children lack access to any musical instruments or instruction. In areas where instruction is made available, all too often exorbitant fees make that education unaffordable.

We know that music education provides a variety of cognitive benefits to children’s developing minds1, 2. Playing music gives kids a means for self-expression, and learning an instrument builds self-confidence. In a larger sense, music promotes community amongst fellow musicians and audiences, and fosters goodwill.

The Tedrock Fund prioritizes music education and collaboration. We help realize the aspirations of kids with the drive to learn to play an instrument through grants and scholarships to organizations that provide music instruction and vocational skills, and through direct grants to children to procure instruments and lessons that are otherwise unavailable to them.

The Tedrock Fund was established to memorialize Ted Collins, a beloved Boston rock musician who died unexpectedly in 2017, at the age of 49. Ted was fortunate enough to have been enrolled in piano lessons as a young child.  These lessons sparked a long and abiding love for music, and a commitment to develop the skills to play multiple instruments. Through his pursuit of music, he was able to express himself creatively, develop friendships with fellow musicians and share live music experiences with audiences throughout the Boston area. Music built Ted’s community, and music will continue to do the same for children who benefit from this legacy fund.

Please make a donation to the Tedrock Fund to show your support for music education for children and a commitment to building community through music.

1. Skoe, E. and N. Kraus, A little goes a long way: how the adult brain is shaped by musical training in childhood. The Journal of Neuroscience, 2012. 32(34): p. 11507-11510.

2. Miendlarzewska, E. and W. Trost, How musical training affects cognitive development: rhythm, reward and other modulating variables. Frontiers in Neuroscience, 2014. Vol.47 (279).


Robyn Hitchcock to play special benefit in Newburyport, February 17th – The Boston Globe

The Englishman will perform at a show that will pay tribute to Ted Collins and raise money for one of the late lawyer and keyboard player’s favorite causes. Source: Robyn Hitchcock to play special benefit in Newburyport – The Boston... Read More.

Tedrock Fund Boston Bands Night 3

An upbeat night of sunshine and surf rock is lined up for November 18th at the Midway Café in Jamaica Plain.  Featuring bands that will making you shake your hips, this final Boston Bands Night includes some of Ted’s favorite bands that he played with and enjoyed. Matt Rhodes  Matt Rhodes and Anna Price wrote the songs performed by the Silver Lining.  They are pure sunshine rock, with breezy melodies and ripping guitar tracks.  Ted loved playing keyboards and recording records with this band.  He was so proud of their sound and vibe.  A runner up in the Rock-n-Roll... Read More.

Tedrock Fund Boston Bands Night 2

Next in the series of the Tedrock Fund shows is our Boston Bands Night 2 on October 20th at the Midway Cafe in Jamaica Plain, featuring the psychedelic and roots rock bands that Ted so enjoyed playing with.  This will be a special night of feel good music that we can all sway along with as we celebrate another facet of Ted’s rock filled life.  Come on out for some psychedelic pandemonium, grooving out to the following lineup: Ship of the Sun – John Scotti (lead guitar, vocals), Mike Verge (guitar, vocals), Jim Zavadoski (bass), Caronine Killoh (keyboards), Greg... Read More.

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