Exciting News! Tedrock Fund Produces The Bevis Frond!

The Tedrock Fund is thrilled to be bringing over The Bevis Frond from the UK for a one-night engagement to benefit underserved children’s music education.

This prolific band has been releasing poetic and driving tracks since the 1980’s, and has been a long-time indie fan favorite. Front man Nick Saloman and Ade Shaw will perform a solo acoustic set joined by special guest Mary Lou Lord, followed by an electric band set that will take the audience on ethereal journey.

Known for their tripped out distorted guitar heavy sound, and thought provoking lyrics, this band was a favorite of Ted Collins.  He bought every record, and spent hours of time rocking out on the couch to their tracks.  If there is one memory his close friends all share, it was the huge smile that would cross Ted’s face as he started air guitaring to a particularly shredding solo.  The Bevis Frond provided many opportunities for this, more than most.  Not limited to driving psychedelic rock songs, the Bevis Frond also write mellow and melodic songs that are really beautiful. A great example of this is the track “Lights are Changing” that was covered by Mary Lou Lord. We are excited to have Mary Lou Lord joining Nick Saloman for the opening set of this show!

I had the opportunity to see The Bevis Frond live at the Terrastock Festival in San Francisco in 1998 and will never forget it.  This should be one spectacular show.  We look forward to sharing this night of music with the Bevis Frond fans!



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