Rock Talk About The Bevis Frond

Tedrocker and board member Seth Goodman sits down for a nice listening session of The Bevis Frond and offers these great insights into the band, and front man Nick Saloman.  Oh how I wish Ted was here to chime in, as he’d have a lot to say about The Bevis Frond.  In fact, I’m pretty… Read more »

Frank Zappa and Beyond

It’s been a while since I have done a vinyl project entry.  I was on a roll for a short while, going through Ted’s record collection from Z-A and then got to Zappa.  Yes, I didn’t make it too far before finding myself stymied.  Why you ask?  Well, Zappa is so prolific, and there were… Read more »

The Vinyl Project – Warren Zevon

Warren Zevon Ted had three records by Warren Zevon and a number of other releases on CD.  A quick bit of research revealed to me that Zevon studied as a young teenager with Igor Stravinsky, and was the keyboardist for the Everly Brothers for a few years before breaking out on his own.  Some fun… Read more »

The Vinyl Project – ZZ Top

ZZ Top Well, this entry will be pretty short, as there is only one record in the collection: Degüello, released 1979 Condition: record cover – good, vinyl – excellent Price: 3.99 Okay, first of all, I really would have expected Ted would have Tres Hombres in the collection, as the track “Beer Drinkers, Hell Raisers”… Read more »

The Vinyl Project – An Introduction

I started this blog to catalog Ted Collins’ record collection.  It’s a decent sized collection that was curated with care and discrimination over many decades, starting with his first Led Zeppelin IV record that he picked up around the age of 8.  In addition, it is damn tasty.  Every record for the most part was… Read more »