The Figgs “Shady Grove” Record Release Party at ZUMIX

The Tedrock Fund is pleased to announce our 2019 Fundraiser Concert to benefit ZUMIX and their award winning youth music programs, featuring the Figgs Record Release of “Shady Grove”.

The Figgs really created something special with their latest triple LP “Shady Grove” which features their signature driving tracks that make your hips shake, combined with melodic instrumentals that capture their diverse influences.  Ted was so thrilled to play with the Figgs, as they had been a favorite band of his since he heard them first as young highschoolers playing in Saratoga NY.  He never missed a Figgs show.  When they asked him to contribute keyboard tracks to records several years ago, he described being “tickled all over”.  Later, when asked to tour with the band, he felt great pride and was grateful for the opportunity to add his funky keyboard sounds to the fantastic songs that Pete, Mike and Pete Hayes kept cranking out.  Taking on the challenge of producing a triple LP was a labor of love for Ted, one that the Figgs hope you will really dig.

The Figgs prove to be triple-threat


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