Tedrock Fund Boston Bands Night 1

Ted Collins played in several bands over the years, and his band mates have joined forces to produce a series of Boston Band Nights that are being hosted by the Midway Café in Jamaica Plain, Boston. This idea was born from Ted’s desire to have not just one, but ALL of the bands he was currently playing with perform for his 50th birthday party that was being planned by his wife. A tall order, it was decided to “think it over” and make a final plan the following weekend. That weekend never came.

When Ted’s band mates learned of this desire on Ted’s part, the plan was hatched to have a big party at some point down the line for the multiple bands to perform and remember Ted. With the generous offer of the Midway Café to host a series of nights to benefit the newly formed Tedrock Fund, we’ve put together several nights of rock to celebrate Ted’s life:

Boston Band Night 1 – Friday, September 29th, 8:30 PM, Midway Café, Jamaica Plain
The first of the Boston Band nights features bands that Ted played with over the past 20 years, including:

Kruller: – Greg Hall (guitar/vocals), Seth Goodman (bass), Mark Bennett (drums) – Formed in the early 1990s, this band brings a lot of energy to original songs that can only be described as “rock anthems” that take the listener on a musical journey, and a thrilling one at that!



Bob and the Dickheads: Bob Veidis (vocals) Tom Heneberry (lead guitar standing in for Ted), Marty Veidis (second guitar), Seth Goodman (bass), Dennis Grabowski (drums) – The irony of this band name becomes apparent if you’ve ever met them. This band is straight up “beer drinking rock and roll”. They play driving punk rock inspired originals, such as “Child Proof Lighter”, “Never Leaving Home” and “Sending Gold Records into Outer Space”. Known to delight their audience with their exuberant performances, it will be a real treat to see this band back together again for the night.


The Figgs: Mike Gent (guitar/vocals), Pete Donnelly (bass/vocals), Pete Hayes (drums) – Formed in the 1980s, and legendary for having stolen Pete Hayes away from Ted’s college band Cement Bunny when still a bunch of teenagers, The Figgs have been writing driving power pop ballads for over 30 years. A true favorite band of Ted’s, he was thrilled to be asked to play tracks on their past few records, and to have the opportunity to perform live with The Figgs over the past several years. For Ted, getting to play with the Figgs was much like getting to go to the prom with your kindergarten crush. He was very proud to contribute to their sound, and was always psyched for their next live performance. This is sure to be an amazing set.

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