Tedrock Fund Boston Bands Night 2

Next in the series of the Tedrock Fund shows is our Boston Bands Night 2 on October 20th at the Midway Cafe in Jamaica Plain, featuring the psychedelic and roots rock bands that Ted so enjoyed playing with.  This will be a special night of feel good music that we can all sway along with as we celebrate another facet of Ted’s rock filled life.  Come on out for some psychedelic pandemonium, grooving out to the following lineup:

Ship of the Sun – John Scotti (lead guitar, vocals), Mike Verge (guitar, vocals), Jim Zavadoski (bass), Caronine Killoh (keyboards), Greg DeGuglielmo (drums) – This Grateful Dead cover band is full of stellar musicians, and was always a favorite. Ted rediscovered his complete love of the Grateful Dead music in the past few years and was thrilled to find such a talented group to perform it with. Ted used to say that when he heard Jerry sing, it felt like he was talking to a friend. Such a feel-good vibe carries forward when Ship of the Sun plays live, and will infuse into all of us at this show.

Highway 9 – Stan Day (guitar and vocals), Seth Goodman (bass), Chris Coughlin (keyboards), Larry Rice (drums) –  A banner Doors cover band that not only plays Doors classics with precision and skill, but the lead singer Stan Day effectively channels the spirit of Jim Morrison in a way no other band out there has accomplished. It’s quite an impressive performance, and one you won’t want to miss.


Rotary Prophets – Damon Vrettos (lead guitar), John Maloney (guitar, vocals), Ray Boyce (bass), Dave Coughlan (drums) – Playing all original roots rock inspired tunes, this band brings a lot of energy and heart to each performance.  A driving rhythm section provides the perfect backdrop for Damon Vrettos’ amped guitar leads that resound throughout the songs and make your hips shake.  Always a fun and lively, this headliner will be sure to make you smile.

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