Tedrock Fund Boston Bands Night 3

An upbeat night of sunshine and surf rock is lined up for November 18th at the Midway Café in Jamaica Plain.  Featuring bands that will making you shake your hips, this final Boston Bands Night includes some of Ted’s favorite bands that he played with and enjoyed.

Matt Rhodes 

Matt Rhodes and Anna Price wrote the songs performed by the Silver Lining.  They are pure sunshine rock, with breezy melodies and ripping guitar tracks.  Ted loved playing keyboards and recording records with this band.  He was so proud of their sound and vibe.  A runner up in the Rock-n-Roll Rumble, and a Boston Music Awards nominee, the Silver Lining were a Boston Rock favorite.  It will be a real treat to hear Matt perform these songs that will make you grin.

Surf Riders

Stan Day, Larry Rice, Seth Goodman, Mike Peters

Performing classic surf rock tunes with gusto, this three-piece covers songs by the Ventures, Link Wray, the Chocolate Watchband and other retro surf acts.  Stan Day brings ripping virtuosity to every song, wailing with reverb throughout each instrumental track.  These are the songs that make you think you could slip into a wetsuit and go on your own surfin’ safari at Revere Beach.

Tony & Samantha Goddess

This singing duo brings so much exuberance to each performance where they sing eclectic pop rock classics.  Strumming guitar and tambourine antics that leave a mark are showcased in every song. They will be joined by special guests Greg Radawich on bass and Nathan Logus on drums to round out their uplifting sound, with Matt Rhodes joining them for a special Silver Lining song.

The Weisstronauts

Pete Weiss, Kevin Quinn, Ken Lafler, Nathan Logus, Jeff Norcross

Self described as twang, surf, spy, psychedelia, lounge, rock, semi-funk, and not necessarily in that order, this band is so energetic and has such a unique vibe.  Layers of multiple guitars make for a fat sound that is driving and fun. Ted loved seeing this band perform their original instrumental tracks and would be psyched to know they are rounding out the last of the Boston Band Nights.  You won’t want to miss this performance!

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